In 2015 my husband and I moved from our 1850’s farmhouse (including a barn and outbuildings on 10 acres) to a condo. I don’t just have the experience of helping my clients, I have personally gone through the process of downsizing.

I can create a customized floor plan for your new home and help you select what you need, from furniture to kitchen tools.

The biggest mistake most people make is taking too much “stuff” with them when they move to a new home. I suggest you sort before you move. By doing so, you will save the expense of having items packed and moved that you don’t want or need.

I offer guidance on what items you should keep as well as what you can sell, donate, recycle, or discard. Our goal is to be environmentally-friendly and make every effort to recycle, reuse and repurpose whenever possible. The assistance I provide is caring and supportive.

Your living environment should be clutter free, stress free, nurturing and relaxing. A place where you can focus on the road ahead, not what you leave behind.



 As the years add up, so do our possessions and the burden of maintaining what we no longer need or use as we once did. In many cases the need to manage the “stuff” becomes a burden the senior can't take on alone and now becomes a burden for the family as well, creating a stressful, overwhelming situation. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I can teach you the difference between need and want and give you guidance about what items to keep. I generally work with a client, sorting for no more than four hours at a time. The clients usually are sitting, while I do the physical work. The process goes quickly. In the course of sorting, I can create an organizing system that will meet your needs.