“Diane knows all the right contacts to get the best price for your personal items when downsizing. I was amazed when she was able to meet my timeline for vacating a client’s large apartment with extreme efficiency and was sensitive to emotional attachments of the family. I would definitely use her again in my business!” Kathy Shaub, Certified Senior Advisor

“If it wasn’t for Diane, I would never have been able to clear my step-mother’s home! We had the daunting issues of dealing with the results of a “hoarder”, a collector of numerous interests, and to top it off. . . mold. Diane’s incomparable organizational skills, energy, connections with local vendors, enabled us to separate items of value from those for donation in record time. She is amazing! I will always be grateful.” Carolyn H.

“Diane helped me immensely with preparing to move from our five bedroom house with 15 plus closets to a smaller home with minimal storage. She kindly and compassionately asked the hard questions about what to keep, what to sell or donate, or what to throw away. She offered guidance and resources while always allowing me to make the final decisions. I am happy to recommend Diane” Susie D.

“Thanks so much for “being there” for me throughout my entire moving process. I could not have gone through all this without you” Arlene S.

“We could have done the clean out of my dad’s apartment without you, but it would have been a really tough job and taken so much longer, that it would have cost us an extra month’s rent. You saved us your fee right there. Using your services freed us to better take care of all the other things that go with settling an estate, your approach is caring, professional and you have all the contacts. Thank you for your help.” Tim W.

“Diane recently helped us with cleaning out, organizing, selling, and disposing of furniture and varied contents in a six-room apartment. She was dependable, trustworthy, and pleasant to work with. In addition, her many contacts with buyers, dealers, etc. allowed us to obtain equitable prices for the items sold and to meet our timeline to empty the space. We were very pleased with her professionalism and care and would highly recommend her to anyone needing these services.” A. L.

“You are a tireless worker, living up to your status as PO (Professional Organizer).” Sarah B.

"Thank you for working with us in cleaning out my mother's house. I appreciate how hard you worked, how organized you were, and the care you put into everything." Tracy B.

"Diane, you are an extra special person. It's only with your help that I can manage organizing my house. I can now relax and enjoy my house. With all my appreciation, Lynn J."

"My wife and I are 89 years of age. How do you accomplish downsizing and packing? That is easy, you call Diane's Estate Solutions.   She will make your transition simple. A well satisfied customer." Betty and Bob B.

“Our hats off to you. We are much impressed with what you were able to do.” Virginia & Donald B.

"Thanks Diane, for your excellent help. Going from my house to a smaller apartment ("downsizing") is not fun, but your practical and sound advice set me on a happy path for the days to come." Paul F.

“Diane is very efficient and highly organized.  She knows just what to do and can tackle big or small projects with ease.” Rhonda Nissley, Auctioneer

“Diane is an amazing person. We never would have been able to get out Aunt’s house ready for auction without her. We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done. Will highly recommend her to everyone!” Gary & Robyn M.

“Thanks so much Diane! We couldn’t have gotten along without you!” David K.

“Thank you for making my life simpler.”  Phoebe C.

“Thank you for taking care of what I could not.” Harriet K.

“You can depend and trust her to see it through and to make sure that all is taken care of the best way possible for all involved, whatever that may be.”  Dona A.

“Thank you for everything. You’ve done a wonderful job.” Jean A.