What is a Professional Organizer?       

A Professional Organizer is someone who makes their living helping other people get organized. There are many types of Professional Organizers, some are general organizers and some, like myself, who specialize.

Why hire a Professional Organizer?        

Hiring a Professional Organizer makes the process easier. I see things differently than others do. I am also not emotionally attached to your possessions, which helps me be objective. A Professional Organizer is especially helpful for seniors who have physical limitations.

What happens after I contact you?        

First, we set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation. At this time, we discuss your needs, expectations and time frame. When all the parties involved reach an agreement, we schedule the work.

What areas do you serve?        

I work in Lancaster and surrounding communities.

Will you make me throw everything away?        

Of course not! Throwing things away is often part of the process, but the decision is always yours. I help you look at items objectively, to help determine their usefulness as you move forward. Part of my job is to find space for items that hold a special place in your heart.

 Will you think badly of me when you see my home?        

No I won’t. We all have different talents, mine happens to be organization. If your roof needs repaired you call a roofer and if your house needs organization, you call a Professional Organizer. We all lead busy lives and sometimes things just get ahead of us.

How long does the process take?        

Every situation is different. If you have time constraints, I make every effort to accommodate you.

How many people will be involved in completing the job?        

Diane is always the primary person on the job. Depending on the size of the job, she does have assistants who help with sorting, packing and transporting items.

Where did you obtain your contacts (for selling, donations and disposal) and how long have you been working with them?        

At one time, I bought and sold antiques and collectibles. I began working with many of my contacts during that time, some are referrals from friends whom I trust. I am always looking for new sources, to offer the best options to my clients.

Do you do estate sales?        

No. My goal is to work with the parties involved to liquidate items for their maximum potential, through my contacts, whether that be selling or donating items (to create tax savings). If a family wishes to have a sale, I recommend an auction. Auctioneers in the state of Pennsylvania are required to be licensed. The sale of items at an auction is 100% transparent. The same cannot be said of estate sales.

Do you work with hoarders?        

Yes, and no. If it is an estate, has no evidence of being a hazardous environment (mold, rodents, etc.), we will do the job.